A new member has joined our graphene-team: welcome Fabrizio!

Welcome to the group, Francesco!

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On this year's group event, we hunted the fox through Basel. After successfully tracing it down by solving all the riddles on the way, we indulged in some delicious Pizza.

This year, we had our own Sola team! We had a great day of sports, followed by a sunset barbeque on the rooftop of the Physics building. Thanks to everybody for participating!

We are very happy to welcome Nikunj to his PhD project in our group!

copyright: QED group members, Michael and Matija

Vera promotes the International Women's Day by telling the world about her life as a PhD student. Have a look at the video!

We celebrated the end of the year with a Swiss fondue, Danish Glühwein by Christian, Italian appetizers by Luigi and yummi desserts by Vera and Eric. Thanks everyone for a great evening and all your contributions to the lab!

Copyright: Andrea Hofmann

We are very happy to welcome Luigi to his PhD project in our group!

We spent two days in Engelberg, together with the theory groups of Daniel Loss and Jelena Klinovaja. The weather, the mountains, the hikes and the evening games have been fantastic!

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In the previous ten days, our dilution refrigerator has been installed. After solving some initial problems, everything is now running smoothly and we are ready to cool down our first samples.

Giacomo has finished his Master's thesis: congratulations! Thanks a lot for all your contributions, and best of luck in your new role!

Congratulations, Vera! Vera explains her work about a superconducting metamaterial for analgo quantum simulation in a short text and video. The second winner of this prize is Mathias Claus, who is now working in the group of Prof. Ilaria Zardo.

Two teams out of our group and the groups of Christian Schönenberger and Ilaria Zardo participated in the Sola Basel. It was a great team event, and we celebrated the successfull finish of the Meso runners and the Nano runners with a barbeque on the rooftop of the physics department.

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... from Dr. Volkov's Cell N.2 -- and found our way to the Irish Pub :)

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Congratulations to Eric for receiving a PhD fellowship from the QCQT PhD school!

Welcome to Vera and Christian! And thank you, Vera, for bringing along these delicious muffins!

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We met for a yummy and funny fondue with some adventurous combinations of cheese+

Our very first sample is cold!